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How Censorship is like Kryptonite

I’ve lost my mojo.

Ever since my girlfriends forbad me from posting my ‘Good ‘Ole Boy System’ blog, I haven’t had an original idea. I’m scared… terrified, actually. What if they’ve ruined what makes That Teowonna! Teowonna? What if censorship is my kryptonite?

Where did That Teowonna! go?

Black in America 2 is on. President Obama called somebody stupid. The NAACP just screwed SC and my home town of Myrtle Beach out of millions of dollars. I’ve met a wonderful man who has my complete attention (but he doesn’t know it). I have a new gig at OnPoint! with Cynthia Hardy. So much material… and I am still silent.

Am I melting like the Wicked Witch of the West? Am I shriveling like a raisin in the son? Is my color fading like Michael Jackson? Is my voice lost like I’ve had too much to drink the night before?

What happens when you tell the wind it can’t howl? When you tell the trees they can’t sway in the wind? The waves they can’t roll? Flowers they can’t bloom? The sun it can’t shine? A smile it can’t laugh? Eyes they can’t sparkle? What happens when you tell cheeks they can’t blush?

Do tears begin to fall? Do throats begin to moan? Do hearts begin to sink? Do souls begin to die?

Boy, I hate CENSORSHIP! Edit


LOL this was funny. No censorship is not like kryptonite. You know the bottom line is we should not always say what comes to our mind when it could possibly hurt verses help. We are all entitled to our opinion but you know the world is just not about us and what we think. There is a bigger picture. We have so much to do and why not do or say something to help someone. The answer to all your questions : no it is not over, it only just begun Sail on, blow on, bloom on, smile on and keep living there is a lot more to come from Teowonna! Delete Reply

OK OK OK, snap out of it. You are just throwing a serious-journalist version of a tantrum. It will pass. You will be alright. There are many stories and issues that are just waiting for you to bring to the surface. Like, will Archie Andrews finally ask Veronica to marry him- what will become of Betty; or who has the best job- Bert of Judge Judy or Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune; or Bee-Bee Kids “All Grown-up” with kids of their own, yikes; or who has the best idea for a new invention; or, are “Down-Low” brothers dictating relationships; or should the gov’t tell us when or if we should have children; or are Reality Shows taking over TV; or are young people more knowledgeable about politics than their parents; or should the age to run for President in the US be reduced from 35 to 25??? and Paris Jackson…can she sing…should she and her brothers be given a chance to sing if they want to???

Tee you will be fine. Don’t even worry about censorship.
You haven’t even begun to have your voice heard. You have just cleared your throat.

Keep Up The Good Work,
Happy Dee Delete Reply

these days, there are only two avenues of censorship: self or death. you ain't dead, so tell me y did u censor yourself??

secondly, send me the blog that did not get posted, si vous plait? Delete Reply

If someone told you not to say it, then it was probably something that needed to be said. The reason most things don't change is because they are not confronted enough. The beauty of having the gift that you possess is that very little people can do what you do. You are a voice for many people who are forced to be silent. If you don't say it, then who will?
Don't get fired for the "cause", but we all should be able to have an adult conversation about the "pink elephant" that exists within most organizations. I too would like to read the article that was killed due to censorship. Delete Reply

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