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I've Moved!

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I've Moved! Bigger and Better. Click Here to go to ThatTeowonna! My new address is: ThatTeowonna.com Edit

Obama Wants to Build an Alliance with Brown Bloggers; Or Does He?

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Sunday night, I climbed into my bed after a wonderfully exhausting weekend in Washington, DC. I ventured to our nation’s capital to attend t... Edit

Dear Mr. Chick-fil-A

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Dear Chick-fil-A on Two-Notch Road Believe it or not, there is such a thing as over service. Some people call it overkill. I call it aggra... Edit

Unpopular Truths According to That Teowonna!

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Unpopular Truth #2: Mothers are the reason there are so many single women To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time By Robert Herrick Gather ... Edit

Blair Underwood Answers Why Black Men Don’t Like Tyler Perry

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On Tuesday, Blair Underwood held a book signing at the Books-A-Million at the Village at Sandhills. A book signing? Since when did he b... Edit

What Happened and How Was It - Columbia Black Expo Main Event

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The 13 th Annual Columbia Black Expo, held at the Colonial Life Arena, proved to be one of the best events this spring, and the best expo e... Edit

What Happened and How Was It - The Black Expo Gala Concert

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For the second year in a row, I scored two VIP tickets that afforded me and a selected guest an opportunity to attend the Black Expo Gala in... Edit

What Happened and How Was It – The Columbia Black Expo Opening Reception and Auction

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On Thursday night, I attended the opening reception and auction for the SC Black Expo. Since this was an invitation-only event, I’m sure ma... Edit

Columbia’s Play-Play Elite Fired Chief Tandy

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Earlier this week, I was floored when I got a text message from WLTX alerting me that Columbia’s city manager, Steve Gantt, had fired the ... Edit

Man versus Man

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For the most part, I’ve always dated older men. Well, while I was in high school and college, I dated high school and college guys. But afte... Edit

Mo'Nique: The Actress Who Can't Pretend

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Last week, the brother of comedienne and award-winning actress, Mo'Nique, admitted to Oprah and the world that he molested his younger... Edit

The Power of Mild Admonishment

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Tiger and Nike are back! Instead of abandoning the man when he was down, Nike stood by Tiger’s side. And I’m glad they did. The release of t... Edit

Maturity Brings Beauty (and Ugliness) to Light

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Today, I had an oceanfront lunch at The Dunes Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As I sat in front of the glass wall looking upon the bea... Edit

Ode (or should I say owed) to the South Carolina Student Loan Corporation

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Today, as I do most months (lol), I wrote out a check to the South Carolina Student Loan Corporation . As I added the two final zeros (trus... Edit

Are You There, Men? It’s Me, Teowonna.

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This morning, I was almost on time for work. I've really been working on my timeliness ever since my manager gave me a soft reprimand ... Edit

Getting My Religion

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Have you noticed that people don’t ‘shout’ in church like they used to? Remember when people used to ‘get happy’? I have very fond memories ... Edit

Why Are We Still Color-Struck

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I came across an article in the NY Times a few weeks ago that featured a picture of the ever-lightening Sammy Sosa. Have you noticed that ov... Edit

Why Tiger Owes the World an Apology

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Tiger shouldn’t apologize; he doesn’t owe us anything. Tiger Woods does not owe us an apology. Even with his indiscretions, Tiger doesn’t ... Edit

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