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Ode (or should I say owed) to the South Carolina Student Loan Corporation

Today, as I do most months (lol), I wrote out a check to the South Carolina Student Loan Corporation. As I added the two final zeros (trust me, degrees ain’t cheap), I couldn’t help but wonder some of the things I could do if I didn’t have make my student loan payments. I could:

Get the oil changed in my car ($125); Get my hair done by a real loctician ($85), Get some cosmetic dentistry ($250); Pay my credit card bills (too much to even think about writing down); Pay Tee Dee to give my house a good Spring cleaning; ($150); Replace the broken glass in my sliding glass door ($75); Go grocery shopping ($55); Take Chi Chi to the vet; ($125); Take Chester to the vet ($125); Go to Mint Julep’s for a few drinks and tapas; ($35), Go play golf ($45).

Although begrudgedly, I wrote out the monthly payment anyway and put it in the mail, because if I didn’t have the student loans, I would probably:

Be hunting a ride to go renew my bus pass; Be rocking a bright red weave that my cousin ‘them did; Be taking my gold grill out to brush my teeth; Not even care about the credit card bills; Spring cleaning? please; Hang a sheet over the sliding glass door; Be going grocery shopping with my EBT card; Be taking my children Chi Chi and Chester to the health department; Be going to Mr. Brown’s Seafood for a $5 fish sammich; Be hanging out at some ball court.

Not to mention: Be dumb, unemployed, and knocked up right about now.

So each month, I write that check, for this education, and all the success, opportunities and confidence that goes along with it, has a price.

God Bless the South Carolina Student Loan Corporation.


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