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Bring Jaylen Home

David Goldman spent five tireless years fighting to get custody of his son, Sean. But David Jackson won’t spend five minutes fighting for his son, JaQuan. David Goldman fought man and foreign institution to defend his God-given right to raise his child. But David Green won’t fight a bitter ex and a domestic court system for the right to raise his. David Goldman flew thousands of miles on nothing more than hope just to have a one-hour visit with his son. David Brown won’t even walk around the corner to spend five minutes with his.

David Goldman, in my opinion, is the epitome of what a father should be. He demonstrated the ever-burning desire that every man should have when it comes to his child. Without his child in his life, Goldman said he was not complete; he could not rest; he could not live; he could not progress… all he could do was exist. He refused to grow accustomed to life without his child.

Is this extreme desire to raise and be with his child exclusive only to David Goldman? From what the statistics regarding fathers who are not active in their children’s lives show, you would think so. But I don’t think David Goldman has anything innately present in him that every man wasn’t born with. He just acted more strongly on his desire instead of dismissing it.

Not only did Goldman believe that no one could raise his child better than he could, he also recognized what he would be missing if he didn’t have his child in his life. That’s what I think many men don’t give enough consideration to… when your child is not in your life, not only is the child missing out of something that no one else can provide, so are you. There are so many moments, good and bad, that the two of you should share together. No other person should have the privilege of sharing those intimate and unique moments with your child above you.

Take Action. Buck up. Go get your child! No one can raise your flesh and blood better than you. The new husband/boyfriend can’t. And even though they think they can, the mother certainly can’t do it alone. There is NOBODY in this world better equipped to give your child what he needs than you, the biological father. Furthermore, there is no relationship that you can engage in that will ever give you the same pleasure and satisfaction than your relationship with your natural-born child.

David Goldman’s friends said that now that Sean is back, they now have David back. Without Sean, David was not the man he was meant to be. Men, that’s how you are without your child in your life… you are not who you truly are supposed to be. Do you recognize that? Without your child in your life, you are far less the person than you are meant to be.

Yes, the courts are biased against you. Yes, the mother is crazy. Yes, her new boyfriend is stupid, thinking you are there to see your ex instead of the child. But you can overcome all of that. You are a man. And that child is yours.

David Goldman has a foundation called Bring Sean Home. Today, start your own foundation; a foundation in your heart and mind. Bring Jaylen Home. Bring JaQuan Home. Bring Briana Home. Bring Arielle Home. Bring Kaila Home. Bring Ashley Home.

Go get your child. Fight to raise your child. Nobody can do it better than you. And no other relationship can give you what a relationship with your child can. Your child deserves a relationship with you. Be the complete, whole person you were intended to be.

*Note: If you don’t know who David Goldman is, good grief! Go look it up! Edit

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